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Key tips for ensuring that your surface is ready for our experts to get to work and to make sure you get optimal results.

Line marking on concrete

The whole area needs to be free from dirt, dust, mud and other grimy substances before our arrival. This also includes objects that will get in the way of us completing the work in one visit. For instance, vehicles, skip bins, construction material. If it is necessary to return to finish work because of obstructions additional fees will apply.

Hosing down the surface is only good if you do it a couple of days before we arrive. The concrete must be COMPLETELY dry prior to line marking. The process of evaporation of the water can also lift the paint that is drying on top of it and neither you or us will be happy with this result. Scrubbing your concrete surface with a broom should lift the dirt and debris enough for us to line mark. Our Sales Representatives will guide you on what to do and you can always send us a photo for us to check how it is looking before we are due to start the work.

Other options: Let us do it for you. If you want to be sure that the preparation of your floor is the best it can be, let our specialist team come and get it prepared right. You won’t have to lift a finger and you will know that the job has been done right from beginning to end. Simply ask for this to be included in your quote.

Is your concrete a new pour?

As concrete cures (hardens) it leaches chemicals which can cause paint to lift. We recommend waiting at least 6-8 weeks after pouring to have your new concrete line marked to avoid any issues with paint lifting. Please note that concrete is an unpredictable surface and in some cases paint may flake off for no apparent reason.

Should the surface be acid etched or ground off?.

Acid etching introduces salt into the surface and creates a chemical reaction. The process can leave the surface with residual pockets of salt on the surface if it is not removed properly. Salt will then draw water through the coating and affect the result, so we don’t recommend acid etching. Grinding is our preferred method of surface preparation.

Do I need a sealant?

As the technology that goes into creating concrete improves, manufacturers are striving to create a product that repels stains and anything that adheres to its surface. There are some sealants on the market for use under line marking paint on concrete and they can certainly be used but they have been unproven to provide a longer life of the paint on a concrete surface.

Notify your neighbors

We are a courteous bunch and try to stay out of everyone’s way as much as we can. It is appreciated when everyone knows what is going on and there are no surprises for your neighbors. The end result is always pleasing for your surrounding environment and it’s rarely an issue, so a little communication goes a long way. Grinding can also be a little noisy so this is something to consider too, especially if done at night.

Restricted Access

The equipment that we carry makes it necessary for us to utilise tray trucks. Some undercover parking areas have height restrictions which may not allow our trucks to enter. If this is the case, we will need to have access to another parking area close by where we can securely park our trucks and to mobilise our equipment. This may facilitate the need for additional manpower and may be reflected in additional cost.

Some of the products that we use give off an odour as they are applied. Our team are issued with the correct breathing apparatus and are trained in how and when to use them. In confined spaces, the odour can sometimes seem strong. All our products meet AS/NZ standards, and once a clear airflow is instigated either naturally or artificially, the odour will disappear.


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