We have a team who travel extensively to inspect sites, investigate your requirements, then provide you with a no obligation written quote. Alternatively, our satellite imagery software allows us to offer immediate on the spot quotes for some locations and applications.

We pride ourselves on having short lead times and have several crews on jobs to keep the work flow happening. We are available to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we can perform the work at the most convenient time for you and your workplace. The sooner you let us know you want the work done, the sooner we can schedule your job to be done. Should the work be required outdoors, it’s always weather dependent.

You have come to the right place! There are regulations regarding the types of bollards that are to be used in disabled bay shared zones and the type of line marking and measurements for disabled bays themselves. We will do everything required to comply to Australian Standards.

We can often work with you to tailor a solution so that any work can be completed during the day. This is a more cost-effective solution for you.The products we use are fast drying and we can often work efficiently in one area, giving you access to the other half of the area, then we can swap over to the other area once the product is dry.Night work can be arranged if preferred. Speak to one of our Sales Representatives about this option.

Yes. Warehouse line marking increases the safety aspects of your environment keeping vehicles like forklifts and pedestrian areas clearly defined and is a must for OH&S compliance. It also increases the value of your asset, keeping your building looking fresh and functional at all times. We are up to date with all of the latest requirements for warehouses.

The surfaces of warehouses, factories and car parks take a battering everyday and are exposed to a variety of elements, weights and environments. Epoxy floor coating can hide a multitude of surface breakdowns, restoring surfaces to better than new condition and can even incorporate a non-slip aggregate to re-invigorate the area and increase the slip rating. Epoxy really is a “polished” finish.

When we line mark on concrete, we like to have the whole area free from dirt, dust, mud and other grimy substances before our arrival. This also includes objects that will get in the way of us completing the work in one visit. For instance, vehicles, skip bins and construction material. If it is necessary to return to finish work because of obstructions, additional fees may apply.

Hosing down the surface is only good if you do it a couple of days before we arrive. The concrete must be COMPLETELY dry prior to line marking. The process of evaporation of the water may lift the paint that is drying on top of it and neither you or us will be happy with this result as it may flake off. Scrubbing your concrete surface with a broom should lift the dirt and debris enough for us to line mark. Our Sales Representatives will guide you on what to do and you can always send us a photo for us to check how it is looking before we are due to start the work. Please note that concrete is an unpredictable surface and in some cases paint may flake off for no apparent reason.

As concrete cures (hardens) chemicalsrise to the surface which react with the paint. Paint manufacturers recommend waiting at least 6-8 weeks after pouring to have your new concrete line marked to avoid possible issues with paint lifting. Please note that concrete is an unpredictable surface, there are many variables which can affect the integrity of your surface such as the weather when the concrete was poured and the thickness of your concrete. In some cases paint may flake off for no apparent reason.

We do not recommend acid etching. Grinding is our preferred method of surface preparation.

Why? – Acid etching introduces salt into the surface and creates a chemical reaction. The process can leave the surface with residual pockets of salt on the surface if it is not removed properly. Salt will then draw water through the coating and affect the result, so we don’t acid etch.

As the technology that goes into creating concrete improves, manufacturers are striving to create a product that repels stains and anything that adheres to its surface. There are some sealants on the market for use under line marking paint on concrete and they can certainly be used but they have been unproven to provide a longer life of the paint on this surface.A water based clear sealant is able to be applied to the surface of the cured paint to protect it from dirt and to keep it clean.

We are happy to work with you to ensure that your job is completed at the most convenient time for you. If you can provide a clear site with clear access for us, we will be able to work efficiently and the whole process will be cost effective for you. If we need to return to your site because we couldn’t finish the work as expected, extra call out fees may apply.

Sure can! Our team of experienced technicians can advise you of the requirements needed in your workplace whether it be in your car park, warehouse or body corporate controlled property. We will walk through the property with you and provide a written quote on the minimum expectations to become compliant within the workplace. We can even point out other areas in your workplace to improve the safety of both your employees and visitors to the area. If you’ve had incidents and near misses that you would like to avoid again, you can’t afford not to give us a call.

We are the leaders in the industry and everything we do is best practice. You can be assured that our services and products are the latest that the industry offers. If we can’t find it or we think we can do it better for our customer, we will source the best to suit your application.We pride ourselves on staying up to date and at the forefront of the industry and for this reason, a division of our company is dedicated to product research and development. Our company has access to over 50 years experience in the line marking industry in both the Government and private sectors and individually the total years of experience in our Sale Team is in excess of 30 years. Our company officials were instrumental in working with our German connections back in the late 1970 s to be the first to bring the convenience and longevity of cold applied plastic (CAP) to Australia and it still remains today as a preferred product for long life road marking products. We stand by our reputation and are proud of what we have achieved.

Grinding is only recommended on concrete surfaces and there are varying degrees of grinding abrasiveness. Grinding involves using a diamond tip grinding wheel and removing 1-2 mm of the surface in preparation for painting or epoxy.(Scarifying is the preparation used for asphalt surfaces and is a more abrasive process than grinding). Grinding surfaces means extra downtime for many businesses and adds an additional cost even though the end result is much more attractive.The surface will be clean and well prepared for epoxy and/or line marking coatings.

We use a quick drying paint which is manufactured especially for the environments in which we use it. On average the paint will take about 1 hour to dry but this will of course depend on factors such as weather and thickness of application.

The longevity of paint is dependent on many factors, especially how much traffic uses the area. For this reason paint will have a lifetime of between 2-5 years. Using Long life instead of paint can extend this up to 10 years.

No manufacturer will give a warranty on their product when it is used on concrete as it is classed as an unstable surface, particularly when it is used in outdoor areas. However, we can give you life expectancies for the products we use and we can certainly guarantee our work will be of the highest standard.


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    All projects we undertake are supported by an initial detailed inspection then, a written quote, or, with our satellite imagery software we can offer immediate on the spot quotations.